History & DNA

From father to son

LEONE MENICHINI is an Italian luxury brand created by the father and son team of Alberto and Leone Menichini in 2015 to craft limited edition timepieces. This father and son team has decades of hands-on experience precision milling metals for Italy’s Super Yacht sector. They have spent the past six years pursuing a shared passion that most Super Yacht owners also share: Exclusive Luxury Timepieces.

The biggest challenge for Alberto and Leone was how to utilize their decades of custom manufacturing for Italian Super Yacht experience and production capacity with roots in the famous artisanal Tuscan craftsmanship and adapt to the world of luxury wristwatches. The goal was to remain independent and realize the most beautiful and distinctive "Tuscany Made" Hand-Crafted timepieces.

“We won a challenge with our six years of preparation to carry out an ambitious project: To develop and produce the most distinctive timepieces available today that incorporate the intrinsic DNA and Tuscan artisanship from our experience in helping to build Italian Super Yachts.”

Leone Menichini 2022

To realize this “Tuscany Made” unicity, Alberto and Leone have spent years preparing machinery, methods and dedicated environments, supported by the best Tuscan artisans. They developed  an in-house production process, from design inspiration to finished model, that allows Leone Menichini timepieces to compete with a high-level product in the market place where no other watch brand can: 99% “Tuscany Made”!