Bronze Chronograph 50mm Coffee and Cream Dial

Behind the scenes

Aesthetically Handcrafted

Perlage’s details

Each Leone Menichini timepiece is meticulously hand-crafted with such obvious craftsmanship in every detail.
In every model, these words also take shape in the almost artful process of "Floretting", or Perlage, which is a special application to protect some stainless steel parts on multimillion dollar Super Yachts. From their decades of perfecting this application to steel for yachts, Leone Menichini is applying Perlage to each individual timepiece to provide protection to the steel even on the internal components that would not be visible until the watch is opened. Perlage, in Haute Horlogerie manufacturing, is typically utilized as a finishing technique.
Why apply Perlage even on “invisible” internal components? Because we imagine our timepieces as a complex set of beauty with each of its components a source of pride for us. Every single piece of the wristwatch is the protagonist of the scene.
Every detail is essential in the creation of a Leone Menichini timepiece. It is the care and time taken to perfect all of the details that makes the difference.
"Many brands can claim that their watch is handmade. We can truly say that each Leone Menichini timepiece is not only handmade but it is also aesthetically handcrafted." Leone Menichini 2022


Bronze, changes over time with your lifestyle

Any noteworthy watch collector will crave that unique patina that is the hallmark of bronze watches.
Made with a protection of copper and tin, bronze has natural properties that distinguish it from steel, titanium, gold: it does not corrode, because it chemically creates a patina to protect itself from damage, which means that the more you abuse it, the stronger it gets.
The LM Watches wristwatches forged with this metal are made of patented nickel free LM18 bronze, each model will change over time according to the lifestyle of the wearer, an incredibly personal watch, a partner that perfectly follows the personality of those who wear it.

Technical Specifications




Patented LM18 nickel-free bronze, mirror polished finish with brushed and micro-sandblasted contrast.


Coffee color machined from solid. Coffee color numbers machined from solid with cream-colored contrast pad printing like the clock hands.


Swiss automatic chronograph developed in-house

  • 25 jewel
  • frequency: 28.000 alternations per hour (4 Hz)
  • Charge Reserve: 62 hours
  • Complications: patented crown on the left, hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph
  • Water Resistance: 10 Atmospheres / 100 meters


Untreated “living” material that evolves over time to give the watch a unique aged character. Limited series of 799 pieces worldwide.


Canvas” fabric on the upper part and brown Tuscan leather on the back, hand-sewn with pin buckle.