From Superyacht to wristwatch

Every timepiece requires 20 hours of precision machining, 30 hours of hand polishing and an additional 50 hours of testing and assembly all under the watchful eye of Alberto and Leone Menichini. Because they are hand-made to order, Leone Menichini timepieces are entirely customizable, allowing the client to mix and match materials, components, and finishes to their liking. Furthermore, the company offers a tailor-made service for one-of-a-kind watches; designing and sourcing materials to the client’s specifications. The first editions of timepieces from Leone Menichini will be available in select global markets by the end second half of 2022.

All timepieces are completed 100% only at the Leone Menichini Atelier in Tuscany and can be shipped anywhere globally arriving only in a few days to the owner.